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Department of Hindi


Hindi department was established in 1978.With the blessings and effort of Dr. Ramjanm pandey it was started in 1978 in the old college building at evening time now known as town commitee office .He rendered his service to this department all alone till 28th december 1992. On 28th december 1992 he was accompanied by a co-colleaque Dr. Mrinali konwar on 28th december 1992. The department runned the courses of Higher Secondary and Degree  as M.I.L. Alongwith the main stream of degree interested students were taught elective course in degree during 1996-98 .One of the successful students who took degree by taking elective hindi as a course was CHANDRESH SINGH recently serving at Dr. RML ,Bhairavtalab ,Varanasi After the retirement of Dr. Ramjanm Pandey in 2002 in 22nd november 2004 Dr. Puspa singh joined the department . We were given the departmental room just few days before the Naac visit in 2015 . Computer was given by the Authority on 27th April 2017 .This was really a boon to the department . 

Faculties of Hindi

Dr. Mrinali Konwar
  • Designation :Associate Professor
  • Date of Birth :24/03/1967
  • Date of Joining :28/12/1992
  • Qualification :M.A., Ph.D.
  • Mobile :9435003092
  • Email
  • Research Work / Publications etc.
Dr.Puspa Singh
  • Designation :Associate Prof.
  • Date of Birth :07/08/1971
  • Date of Joining :22/11/2004
  • Qualification :M.A.Ph.D
  • Mobile :8299425535
  • Email

Events & Notices

14/08/2019 street play on drug abuse


a street play on drug abuse with collaboration with S.D.O was played in margherita college and ledo college on 14 August 2019 on eve of INdependence day 




हिन्दी विभाग मार्घेरिटा द्वारा नारी जागृति अभियान के तौर ११/४/२०१८ में  एक नुक्कड़ नाटक का प्रदर्शन विभिन्न स्कूलो में किया गया।   बालूखाद हाई स्कूल,आदर्श हिन्दी विद्यालय,बरगोलाई ,मार्घेरिटा बाज़ार मे. इस नाटक का प्रदर्शन हुआ।