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About Us

About Margherita College

Margherita College as a Centre of Higher Education is shouldering every responsibility to illumine the entire region with knowledge. It is gradually stepping towards its destined goal to turn it into the hub of quality education. Innovativeness is always prioritized and extolled. The institution is based on dedication, devotion and discipline. It has been serving the larger section of the society with its utmost social responsibility with satisfactory and inspiring results. The institution has created academic linkages with its neighbouring educational institutions for congenial and reciprocal benefits. Knowledge leads to unity and ignorance to diversity is well said. To imbue this essence into the learners, it adopts all possible schemes to impart an all-encompassing education. Social Outreach is an integral part of our educational programmes. The Institution, at present, gives an opportunity to the students to work with various civil society organizations. The Institution considers it as duty to uphold the human rights of all disadvantaged sections of society. We believe that it is our collective responsibility to empower the underprivileged to become self reliant so that they can live with respect and dignity. We track the success of each class from semester to semester. Even the college has been trying the utmost to conduct the co-curricular activities to promote the students in their hidden abilities. Our goal has been set; alone bookish knowledge is insufficient to survive in this present day. So, our prime motive is to sensitize the students to the world of deprivation, social exclusion and marginalization; to engage students in meaningful service that meets community needs; to instil a sense of social responsibility in students; to equip the students with skills, attitudes and knowledge to work with the poor and needy. Future progress depends to a great extent, on the knowledge, skill, abilities and character of the younger generation. It is a continuous endeavour to develop the skills among the students and at the same time a platform for self-development for the faculty members.

A quick view of its Infrastructure:
The Institution covers an area of 8.26 acres of land with buildings covering 4.26 acres. It is a three faculty College with total 19 departments. Besides the regular courses it offers education in distance mode for greater interest of the catcment area, viz. Dibrugarh University distance education, KKSHOU, ASOS.

Margherita College has completed glorious 40 years of its epistemic journey. Now it has initiated a golden journey  to transform itself as a Centre of Excellence having laboratories and library atate of art infrastructure.

Our Vision

To build up Margherita College into a Centre Of Excellence.

Our Mission

Empowerment of the generation of the entire locality from Powai to beyond the boundary of Arunachal Pradesh including the tribal areas of Tirap, Ketetong and Bhitar Powai and the numerous settlements of tea-tribe communities scattered all over this area of around five hundred square kilometres, with a view to ensuring humane, equitable and continuous improvement of the quality of life around.

Our Motto

Knowledge is Power