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Teacher- Exchange Programme (02.02.2015)

The Department of English, Margherita College undertakes a Teacher Exchange programme on 20.03.2015 with Department of English, Digboi College. Total 24 students participated in the programme. Dr. Pabitra Bharali offered his classes to the students of the college.

A Cultural linkage with Prastuti sangeet Academy (10.02.2016)

The Ejak Junakir Jilikoni (a cultural forum) of the college undertakes a joint venture with Prastuti Sangeet Academy to organise a cultural night to give exposure to the students. It was a cultural linkage and the event was conducted on 10th of February 2016. Total 25 students participated in the event. Both group and solo dance numbers and singing (solo and group) were organized. The Prastuti Sangeet Academy often conducts such cultural programmes in collaboration with Ejak Junakir jilikoni.

Faculty-Exchange and Students Exchange programme (19-03-2018 to 24-02-2018)

The Department of Assamese, Margherita College undertakes a 6 day long Faculty-exchange and Students exchange programme with Digboi college. It is an academic linkage undertaken by the above colleges. Total 72 students participated in the exchange programme with 09 teachers. The exchange programme was successful in enhancing the knowledge for which it was sought. It was started from 19.03.2018 to 24.02.2018

An academic linkage with North East live (05.07.2018)

North East Live (a prominent channel of the state) with Margherita College Tribal Study Centre undertook a day long programme to survey the Tai-Khamyangs (an endangered tribe) in Powaimukh Village on 05.07.2018. Later, it prepared a documentary that is relayed in the above channel.

One month Internship programme (07.07.2018 – 06.08.2018)

The institution undertakes one month internship programme, named as Swacch Bharat internship (SBSI), V, NSS (Swacch Bharat) under the aegis of District Administration started from 07.07.2018 to 06.08.2018. Total students participated were 40 and teachers were 2 in number.

A Cultural linkage with DY-365 (26.10.2018)

On 26.10.2018 a day long cultural programme was conducted by the institution with the state prominent News channel, DY-365. At the initiation of the channel the institution hold several colourful events giving exposure to the fraternity of their talents. The channel had taken interview of different teachers and students requesting to perform singing and dancing, mimicry, dialogues, etc changing the atmosphere of the college into vibrant contour.

Faculty Exchange Programme(02.11.2019)


A Faculty Exchange programme was undertaken by the Department of Education with The Department of Education, Ledo College. It was initiated by Dr. Anjumoni Baruah on 02.11.2019. Total 20 students participated in the exchange programme with 2 teachers at Ledo College