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Cells and Committees

Ejak Junakir Jilikoni (a cultural forum)

About Ejak Junakir Jilikoni (a cultural forum)

Ejak Junakir Jilikoni (a cultural forum):

To draw out the potentials of the students, the forum gives exposure to them. It conducts cultural programmes and other lecture programmes in a regular mode to boost up the students interested in cultural aspects. The committee is formed with the following:

Chairman-Dr. B. Gogoi, Principal

Vice- Chairman- Mrs. Jolli Dutta, Vice Principal

Convenors (jt): Dr. Runjun Saikia

                          Dr. Dipali Borpujari


Dr. Ramen Hazarika

Mrs. Deepasree Das Sarkar

Dr. Madhumita Deb

Mrs. Mousumi Kanwar

Dr. Nitish Das

Dr. Janaki Prasad Debnath

Mr. Debojit Mahanta

Ms. Lakhi Debnath

Mr. Bijoy Gogoi

Ms. Somali Raha

Ms. Doli Dehingia


Events and Activities