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Cells and Committees

Sanitation Cell

About Sanitation Cell

It is notified to all concerned of this college that the Sanitation Cell is hereby formed with the following members:


Chairman-Dr. Buddhin Gogoi, Principal

Vice Chairman-Mrs. Jolli Dutta, Vice Chairman

Convenors (jt.): Dr. Amorjit Saikia

                         Ms. Yemokhya Fakay


Mr. Dilip Kumar Chutia

Mrs. Deepasree Das Sarkar

Dr. Madhumita Deb

Mr. Biraj Buragohain

Dr. Boby Dutta Saikia

Ms. Jyoti Gogoi

Ms. Lakhi Debnath

Ms. Anita Debnath

Ms. Himanti Duwarah

Events and Activities