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Cells and Committees

Tribal Study Centre

About Tribal Study Centre

The Centre is dedicated to explore and study the specificity of numerous ethnic tribes that are found in the region. The rich assemblage of myriad cultures that found in the tribes opens up vistas to study those and to bring to the notice. A headway though in a little way has been made by the Centre to preserve, promote and to project their treasured cultural heritage and incredible indigenous knowledge. The Centre is formed with the following:

Dr. Buddhin Gogoi, Principal- Chairman

Mrs. Jolli Dutta, Vice Principal- Vice Chairman

Mrs. Yemokhya Fakay – Convenor


Dr. Madhumita Deb

Mr. Biraj Buragohain

Dr. Boby Dutta Saikia

Ms. Giteemoni Saikia

Ms. Somali Raha

Ms. Lakhi Debnath

Mr. Bijoy Gogoi

Mr. Biswajit Singh

Events and Activities