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Courses Offered

Bachelor of Arts


PO: Programme Outcome (B.A.)


PO-1: The students acquire knowledge in the field of social sciences, literature and humanities which make them sensitive and sensible enough. In other words, the B. A. programme enables the students to acquire the knowledge with human values framing the base to deal with various problems in life with courage and humanity.


PO-2: The B.A. Graduates will be acquainted with the Language & Literature, social, economical, historical, political, Educational thinking.


PO-3: The programme also empowers the graduates to appear for various competitive examinations or choose the post graduate programme of their choice.


PO-4: The students will be ignited enough to think and act over for the solution of various issues prevailed in the human life to make this world better than ever.


PO-5: Programme provides the base to be the responsible citizen.


PSO: Programme Specific Outcome (B.A.)


PSO: BA course provides an education in variety of contexts. BA aims to offer education that is accessible to students with a wide range of educational backgrounds and professional and personal circumstances. This course offers a rich variety of subjects and helps to understand how cultural, historical, geographical, political, linguistic, and environmental forces shape the world and recognize the role of the individual within communities to effect change. The course also incorporates a variety of modes of learning and teaching.