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Department of Education


The Dept. of Education was established in the year 1978. At present it has a Departmental Laboratory with necessary peripherals (aided by RUSA). The Department has both Major & Pass Course.

Vision and Mision :---

  • To give knowledge about the role of education as an instrument of social science.
  • To develop awareness among the students about various organizations, plans, policies regarding the Educational setup in India.
  • To organise on a regular basic group discussion, Talk, seminars for student benefits
  • To continue work for standard publication by facilities including researchers journals, researchers publication and text book.
  • To organise a talk on NPE 20-19
  • To organise a talk on teaching as a future career.



The Department has a Psychological Laboratory where the psychological experiments are conducted as Memory span test, Personality test , Intelligence Test etc .The following Apparatus  are available in the laboratory:----

1)Memory Drum

2)Stop watch

3)Black screen

4)Intelligence test cubes

5)Human maze learning


7)Roarcharch Inkblot Papers

Faculties of Education

Dr. Anjumoni Baruah
  • Designation :Associate Professor
  • Date of Birth :01/03/1962
  • Date of Joining :16/08/1993
  • Qualification :M.A., Ph.D
  • Mobile :9678436708
  • Email
Mrs. Pratibha Bezbaruah
  • Designation :Asst. Professor
  • Date of Birth :01/03/1962
  • Date of Joining :27/02/1986
  • Qualification :M.A., M.Phil
  • Mobile :8812954624
  • Email
Ms. Binjumoni Sonowal
  • Designation :Asst. Professor
  • Date of Birth :27/09/1111
  • Date of Joining :27/08/2018
  • Qualification :MA, SLET, Diploma & PGD in Yoga,Pursuing M.Phil
  • Mobile :9365330147
  • Email

Events & Notices

Current Semester Syllabus Details

Syllabus details with Paper title and Respective teachers

¢B.A. 2nd Sem (CBCS)—:--

¢C3– Psychological Foundation of Education By B.M. Sonowal

¢C4– Educational Administration and Management. By P.Bezbaruah

¢B.A. 4th Sem(CBCS)—:--

¢C8- Education in Pre-Independent India. By- P.Bezbaruah

¢C9- Techniques of Teaching. By-A Baruah

¢C10- Educational Technology.   By- B.M.Sonowal

¢SEC 2- Aspects of Teaching Learning Process . By-A Baruah

¢B.A. 6th Sem (NON-CBCS)—

¢601– Field study-- By A.Baruah, B.M.Sonowal 

¢602– Psychological and Laboratory Practical-By A.Baruah

¢ 603– Educational Management By P.Bezbaruah

¢604– Education in World Perspective  By A.Baruah

¢605– Emerging Trends in Indian Education. By-B.M.Sonowal

¢601(Gen.) - Educational Techniques & Methodology of Teaching . By-B.M.Sonowal



Study Materials

 PPT about the  Primary Education. It is the second sub unit of Unit II of Paper Emerging Trends in Indian Education, Paper ccode 605.The entire paper is taught and study materials prepared & uploaded by Ms Binju Moni Sonowal , Assistant Professor, Dept. of Education