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Department of Education


The Dept. of Education was established in the year 1978. At present it has a Departmental Laboratory with necessary peripherals (aided by RUSA). The Department has both Major & Pass Course.

Vision and Mision :---

  • To give knowledge about the role of education as an instrument of social science.
  • To develop awareness among the students about various organizations, plans, policies regarding the Educational setup in India.
  • To organise on a regular basic group discussion, Talk, seminars for student benefits
  • To continue work for standard publication by facilities including researchers journals, researchers publication and text book.
  • To organise a talk on NPE 20-19
  • To organise a talk on teaching as a future career.



The Department has a Psychological Laboratory where the psychological experiments are conducted as Memory span test, Personality test , Intelligence Test etc .The following Apparatus  are available in the laboratory:----

1)Memory Drum

2)Stop watch

3)Black screen

4)Intelligence test cubes

5)Human maze learning


7)Roarcharch Inkblot Papers

Faculties of Education

Dr. Anjumoni Baruah
  • Designation :Associate Professor
  • Date of Birth :01/03/1962
  • Date of Joining :16/08/1993
  • Qualification :M.A., Ph.D
  • Mobile :9678436708
  • Email
Mrs. Pratibha Bezbaruah
  • Designation :Asst. Professor
  • Date of Birth :01/03/1962
  • Date of Joining :27/02/1986
  • Qualification :M.A., M.Phil
  • Mobile :8812954624
  • Email
Ms. Binjumoni Sonowal
  • Designation :Asst. Professor
  • Date of Birth :01/01/1970
  • Date of Joining :27/08/2018
  • Qualification :MA, SLET, Diploma & PGD in Yoga,Pursuing M.Phil
  • Mobile :9365330147
  • Email

Events & Notices

Current Semester Syllabus Details

Syllabus details with Paper title and Respective teachers

¢B.A. 2nd Sem (CBCS)—:--

¢C3– Psychological Foundation of Education By B.M. Sonowal

¢C4– Educational Administration and Management. By P.Bezbaruah

¢B.A. 4th Sem(CBCS)—:--

¢C8- Education in Pre-Independent India. By- P.Bezbaruah

¢C9- Techniques of Teaching. By-A Baruah

¢C10- Educational Technology.   By- B.M.Sonowal

¢SEC 2- Aspects of Teaching Learning Process . By-A Baruah

¢B.A. 6th Sem (NON-CBCS)—

¢601– Field study-- By A.Baruah, B.M.Sonowal 

¢602– Psychological and Laboratory Practical-By A.Baruah

¢ 603– Educational Management By P.Bezbaruah

¢604– Education in World Perspective  By A.Baruah

¢605– Emerging Trends in Indian Education. By-B.M.Sonowal

¢601(Gen.) - Educational Techniques & Methodology of Teaching . By-B.M.Sonowal



Study Materials