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Department of Sociology


  • The Department of Sociology Margherita College has launched its journey in the year 1983 as general subject  and marched ahead for long time as general subject only. It obtained approval for introducing Sociology as Honours subject in the year 1993. The department has produced innumerable students both major and non major throughout the years. Many students of the department have established themselves in various sectors and keep touch with the department as Alumni. The department is dedicated toward creating competent and socially sensitive graduates through rigorous teaching learning programmes and extension activities. The Department has been engaging in various programmes along with teaching i.e. teacher student exchange programmes with various colleges, seminar (state, national and international level), workshops, social activities etc. At the time of inception, the department had three sanctined teaching posts.
  • To develop students by value based quality education with commitment to their ethical and multidimentional development which will contribute towards their educational, social and economical well being. 
  • Focus on critical understanding of the problems and prospects of the various issues of society for the building of a better society
  • To develop rational thinking, scientific temper and building empowered youth through value based education
  • Promte gender equality in the class room for an egalitarian society
  •  Faculty members have achived good repute at local and state level. Our students too are continuously and increasingly marking their footprints at different universities and other instititutions of higher education across India. Students are regularly participate in different sports, cultural, literature and educational events organised by various goverment and non govermental organizations. The department has also successfully organised  a number of state, national and international seminars and webinars in the recent past.

 Under graduate Honours and General Courses in Sociology



  • There is a central library with seperate reading room. The Department has its own Library  through which books are provided to the Students.
  • Internet facility is centrally availabale for both teachers and students.
  • Eco friendly campus withiin the College
  • Teacher student relationship is the most noticeable feature of the Department. We are easily accessible to the Students and they can expree their difficulties with their teachers without hesitation.
  • Many students go for higher studies every year and come out with success. Many of our students are engaged in teaching in differct schools and colleges.
  • The department celebrates special days like womens day, Environment day, menstruation day etc witinin and outside the colege campus
  • The Department takes sincere initiative to train the students to participate in quize, debate competitions, literature competition etc. We conduct group discussion, debate, seminars for the students and thereby try to increase their critical thinking and competitive sprit.
  • Sufficient qualified and competent faculty with a blend of  high experience and young and energetic dynamism.
  • Departmental Library with 150 above Sociology books and Magazines.
  • Supporting weaker students through remedial and tutorial classes
  •  Infrastructure need to be improvise.
  • Limited job opportunities
  • Limited scope for introduce various course combinations





Faculties of Sociology

Kasturi Nath
  • Designation :HOD, Assistant professor
  • Date of Birth :23/12/1987
  • Date of Joining :13/11/2020
  • Qualification :PhD , UGC NET, SLET
  • Mobile :08723864956
  • Email
  • Research Work / Publications etc.
Debojit Mohanta
  • Designation :Asst. Professor
  • Date of Birth :30/01/1983
  • Date of Joining :07/07/2008
  • Qualification :MA. M.phil, SLET
  • Mobile :9365352262
  • Email
Tilumoni boruah
  • Designation :Asst. Professor
  • Date of Birth :15/11/1990
  • Date of Joining :02/08/2017
  • Qualification :MA
  • Mobile :8812906485
  • Email
  • Research Work / Publications etc.
Dr. Suresh Kumar Sahu
  • Designation :Assistant Professor
  • Date of Birth :03/05/1980
  • Date of Joining :18/01/2021
  • Qualification :M.A., M.Phil., Ph.D, NET
  • Mobile :9508002078
  • Email
  • Research Work / Publications etc.

Events & Notices

Educational trip on 31.01.2019.

1. The Department of Sociology visited Dibong as an educational trip on 31.01.2019.


5. The Department of Sociology under the aegis of IQAC, Margherita College has organized a webinar on the title, “Locating Gender in Development: Theory and Practice” on 7.2021. The webinar was graced by the Vice Chancellor of Bir Sati Sadhani State University, Dr. Jyoti Prasad Saikia. Resource Persons were, Dr Vaishali Shivprasad Joshi, St. Mira’s College, Pune and Partha Pratim Borah, Assistant Professor, Dibrugarh University.


4. National Webinar on “ENVIRONMENTAL SUSTAINABILITY AND PROSPECT OF MODERN INDUSTRIAL DESIGN OF NORTH EASTERN COAL FIELDS IN MARGHERITA” Organised by – The Department of Sociology in association with Departments of Commerce, Dept. of Economics, Dept. of Management and Dept. of History, Margherita College On 17th July 2020 Time – 11.00 a.m. Resource persons were Anil Kumar Bora Retd. Chief General Manager NECF CIL, Dr. Ranjit Dutta Retd. General Manager (Personnel) Eastern Coal Field Limited, Asansol, CIL, Mr. Anil Kumar Bharali Retd. General Manager, (Safety & Rescue) CIL, Kolkata, Mr. Rajen Kumar Dutta Retd. General Manager (P&IR) Mahanadi CIL, Odisha, Mr. Sarbananda Seal Retd. Chief Mining Engineer, NECL, Margherita. Participants were around 250


3. An International Webinar on 'Quarantine and students: Friend or Foe' is conducted on 07.07.2020 by the College. Dr. A.K.M Saiful Alam, Senior Surgeon, Bangladesh; Dr. Ankita Deka, Assoc. Professor, Augsburg University, USA; Dr. Binod Ch. Borah, Jt. Registrar (Academic), DU; Dr. Dhrubajyoti Bhuyan, Asstt. Prof. of Psychiatry, Assam Medical College; Mr. Raj Gogoi, Clinical Psychologist; Sidhanta Borkataky, Expressive Arts Therapist have served as Resource persons. Total participants were around 815.


2. Department of Sociology conducts a workshop Prospects of Alternative Livelihood for educated Youth on 4.11.19


Study Materials

Economy and Society in Marx, Durkheim, and Weber

Some Principles of Stratification
Author(s): Kingsley Davis and Wilbert E. Moore
Source: American Sociological Review , Apr., 1945, Vol. 10, No. 2, 1944 Annual Meeting
Papers (Apr., 1945), pp. 242-249
Published by: American Sociological Association
Stable URL:

The relationship between science and technology
Harvey Brooks John F. Kennedy School of Government, Harvard Universily, 79 J.F.K. Street, Cambridge, MA 02138, USA

The Bodo Movement in Assam: Unrest to Accord Author(s): Sudhir Jacob George Source: Asian Survey , Oct., 1994, Vol. 34, No. 10 (Oct., 1994), pp. 878-892 Published by: University of California Press Stable URL:

A Note on Sanskritization and Westernization Author(s): M. N. Srinivas Source: The Far Eastern Quarterly , Aug., 1956, Vol. 15, No. 4 (Aug., 1956), pp. 481-496 Published by: Association for Asian Studies Stable URL:




Max Weber model of social stratification.


by- Dr. Kailash Pyakuryal'

Social institutions and continuity

Evaluation of social medicine in India

Sociology of health by Suvashree Behera

Meaning of Dalit identify by Surinder S. Jodhka

Concept of Swaraj by M.K Gandhi

Forms of marriage and household in India by Sawmya Ray

By Dr. Binod Bihari Satpathy

Inequality and Social Structure: A Comparison of Marx and Weber Author(s): Reinhard Bendix Source: American Sociological Review , Apr., 1974, Vol. 39, No. 2 (Apr., 1974), pp. 149- 161 Published by: American Sociological Association Stable URL:

Higher Secondary 2nd year, Sociology

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BA 6th semester Major) paper-602, Science, Technology and society

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BA 4th Semester, C-10, social Stratification

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BA 2nd semester Core Course 04 , Sociology of India – II

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Sociology Syllabus (CBCS)

Closed and open social stratification Author(s): ANDRÉ BÉTEILLE Source: European Journal of Sociology / Archives Européennes de Sociologie / Europäisches Archiv für Soziologie , 1966, Vol. 7, No. 2, On Suicide (1966), pp. 224-246 Published by: Cambridge University Press Stable URL: 

 Menon, N., (ed.) 1999, Gender and Politics in India, Delhi: Oxford University Press, pp.342-369.

From Chipko to Sati: The Contemporary Indian Women’s Movement by- *Radha Kumar