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Why Choose Us

Why Choose Us

Margherita College is committed to provide a liberal and nurturing environment to its student community. Its ethos is rooted in inclusive education. It believes that the prime goal of higher education is to inculcate a deep sense of respect for diversity and provide equal opportunity to all students, irrespective of caste, creed, socio-economic, cultural, or religious background. The college takes great pride in its success at achieving excellence with equity. It is known for imparting education that produces sensitive, caring and engaged citizens with a strong sense of social responsibility and deep rooted humanism. With great sensitivity the Institution enables the students to overlay a new identity, that of the institution, irrespective of their background. This new identity is rooted in the institutional values that empower and give innate confidence.




Core Values:


  • To build up Margherita College into a CENTRE OF EXCELLENCE
  • Empowerment of the generation of the entire locality
  • To promote quality education with value and skill.
  • To ensure humane, equitable and continuous improvement of the quality of life around.
  • To provide a congenial atmosphere in which the best in each student is brought out


General Rules and Disciplines


The college runs its various activities as per the Annual Academic Calender adopted at the beginning of each academic session. The academic schedule of the college provides for lot of home assignments, guided tutorials, group discussions, etc. both within and outside the class room. The college stands for a high sense of discipline and moral values. Obedience to and regard for rules is given utmost importance. Any breach of good manners, courtesy and etiquette or any action likely to lower the good name of the college is regarded as a breach of discipline.


Wearing of Uniform and I-Card is compulsory.


The dress code is

BOY’S– *White Shirt and black trousers & Black Sweater.

GIRL’S– *White Salwar and Kurta with sky-blue Chunni



*Muga coloured Mekhela with blue bordered white Chaddar and white blouse.


*Specification of Dress Code : No borderline with other coloured stripes in the white background of shirting. Kurti for girls should be below the knee & white leggings for girls are barred.


A fine of Rs. 500/- is imposed on uniform breakers.

* Mobile use amongst students would be restricted if and when found being

used leisurely.


Identity Card

Each Student will be issued a Identity Card.




The college follows the Government rule.




  1. Attendance :
  2. i) A student who was has less than 80% attendance shall not be permitted to sit for the End-semester examination in the course in which the shortfall exists. Provided that it shall be open to the University to grant exemption to a student who has attended a minimum of 70% classes but failed to obtain the prescribed 80% attendance for valid reasons on recommendation of the Head/Director/Coordinator of the Department Centre on payment of a prescribed fee(s).
  3. ii) The Principal of the college/institute with recommendation of the Heads of the Departments shall announce the names of all students who shall not be eligible to appear in the End-semester examinations in the various courses due to non-fulfilment of the criteria of internal assessment and attendance, and send a copy of the same to the University. In such cases, the student shall have to re-enroll in the relevant course(s) with the next batch.

 Examination and Evaluation:

  1. a) Examination and evaluation shall be done on a continuous basis, at least three times during each semester.
  2. b) There shall be 20% marks for internal assessment and 80% marks for End semester examination in each course during every semester.
  3. c) There shall be no provision for re-evaluation of the end semester examinations. However, a candidate may apply for re-scrutiny.


  1. d) Internal Assessment :


  1. i) In internal assessment, different tools may be employed one or more assessment tools such as objective tests, written test, assignments, paper presentation, laboratory work, etc. suitable to the courses.
  2. ii) The students shall be informed in advance about the nature of assessment. Students shall compulsorily attend internal assessment, failing which they will not be allowed to appear for the End-semester examination. A student connot repeat In-semester examinations. The department may arrange special In semester examination whenever necessary.


There shall be one End semester examination carrying 80% Marks in each course of a Semester covering the entire syllabus prescribed for the course.


e)The End semester examination/Project Work/ Dissertation.


  1. ii) The Controller of Examinations shall then make necessary arrangements for notifying the dates of the end semester examinations and other procedures as per Dibrugarh University Rules (at least 20 days in advance) and the Academic Calendar notified by the University.


iii) Normally, the end – semester examination for each course shall be of three hour duration.

  1. f) Setting of question papers, moderation of question papers, evaluation of answer scripts, scrutiny, tabulation of marks, etc. and announcement of results, shall be governed by the Dibrugarh University Examination Ordinance 1972 (as amended upto date)


  1. g) Practical Examination: Practical Examinations of a Semester shall be held prior to the End Semester Examination.


  1. h) Betterment Examination:(I) A student shall be entitled to take the “betterment examinations” in any two theory papers of any of the six semesters after passing the Sixth Semester Examination only once. In this case, the higher marks secured by the student shall be retained. The candidates shall have to apply for betterment examination within one year of passing the Sixth Semester Examination. (II) No betterment shall be allowed in the Practical Examination. (i) Any difficulty which may arise in the course of operation of these regulations relating to holding of examinations shall be removed by the Examination Committee of the Dibrugarh University.


Library Rules: The library rules are well maintained which are written in library cards.


Hostel Rules: Both Boys’ & Girls’ Hostels have their distinct rules that are intimated to the inmates and they have to strictly follow them.


College Management Rules: 

The College is affiliated to Dibrugarh University

Regarding Scheme for Waiver of Admission Fees, Tuition Fees etd. for students taking Admission in H.S. and Degree.

LYNGDOH COMMISSION REPORT for conducting College Students Union Election

The Assam Provincialised Colleges and Assam Non-Government College Management Rules 2001

Assam College Employees (Provincialisation) Act 2005

Assam College Employees (Provincialisation) Rule, 2010

The Sexual Harassment of Woman at workplace (Prevention, Prohibition and redressal) Act 2013

Guideline for Appointment of Assisstanr Professor in Colleges


Govt. order for selection of Principal

Govt. Order for Structure of Governing Body

Govt. order for represtative of Non-teaching Staff for Governing Body

Govt. order regarding public represetative for Governing Body

Regulations for Non-CBCS Courses

Regulations for CBCS Courses 2019



Reason to Choose

What We Offer

Additional Classes

Smart Classes for meritorious students & Remedial Classes for mediocre students are conducted on a regular basis.

Community Services

The Institution offers service to the catchment area by conducting workshops and lectures in the schools of the vicinity.

Ethnic Studies

The Tribal Study Centre’ undertakes different programmes (health & food) in the interior region of tribal villages to understand their problems and to retain their unique ethnicity.

Sports Facility

The Institution has appointed a physical trainer. It has both indoor & outdoor sports facilities.

Safety First

It ensures safety of the fraternity through CCTV surveillance; ambulance service; mediclaim; etc. The college has also got Ambulance facility

ICT and Language Lab

The College facilitates the student fraternity with ICT facilities. It has a Language Laboratory besides the Computer Laboratories.