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Why Choose Us

Why Choose Us

Margherita College is committed to provide a liberal and nurturing environment to its student community. Its ethos is rooted in inclusive education. It believes that the prime goal of higher education is to inculcate a deep sense of respect for diversity and provide equal opportunity to all students, irrespective of caste, creed, socio-economic, cultural, or religious background. The college takes great pride in its success at achieving excellence with equity. It is known for imparting education that produces sensitive, caring and engaged citizens with a strong sense of social responsibility and deep rooted humanism. With great sensitivity the Institution enables the students to overlay a new identity, that of the institution, irrespective of their background. This new identity is rooted in the institutional values that empower and give innate confidence.

Reason to Choose

What We Offer

Additional Classes

Smart Classes for meritorious students & Remedial Classes for mediocre students are conducted on a regular basis.

Community Services

The Institution offers service to the catchment area by conducting workshops and lectures in the schools of the vicinity.

Ethnic Studies

The Tribal Study Centre’ undertakes different programmes (health & food) in the interior region of tribal villages to understand their problems and to retain their unique ethnicity.

Sports Facility

The Institution has appointed a physical trainer. It has both indoor & outdoor sports facilities.

Safety First

It ensures safety of the fraternity through CCTV surveillance; ambulance service; mediclaim; etc. The college has also got Ambulance facility

ICT and Language Lab

The College facilitates the student fraternity with ICT facilities. It has a Language Laboratory besides the Computer Laboratories.