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Courses Offered

Bachelor of Science

PO: Programme Outcome (B.Sc.)

PO-1: The B. Sc. Programme develops scientific temperament and attitude among the science graduates.


PO-2: The qualities of a science – observation, precision, analytical mind, logical thinking, clarity of thought and expression, systematic approach, qualitative and quantitative decision making are enlarged.

PO-3: The programme also empowers the graduates to appear for various competitive examinations or choose the post graduate programme of their choice.


PO-4: This programme trains the learners to extract information, formulate and solve problems in a systematic and logical manner.


PO-5: This programme enables the learners to perform the jobs in diverse fields such as science, engineering, industries, survey, education, banking, development-planning, business, public service, self business etc. efficiently.


PSO: Programme Specific Outcome (B.Sc.)


PSO: The Programme provides the ability to integrate and generate in-depth relevant scientific knowledge. The Programme provides the ability to apply knowledge to perform scientific studies, research based project works to explain course phenomena and acquire knowledge independently for continuous personal and professional development.