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Department of Statistics


The Department of Statistic has been redering its service since its existence in the year 1993.

Faculties of Statistics

Mr. Rubul Gogoi
  • Designation :Asst. Professor
  • Date of Birth :31/12/1981
  • Date of Joining :01/10/2007
  • Qualification :M.Sc. , M.Phil.
  • Mobile :8638767552
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Events & Notices

Study Materials

H.S. II Statistics Unit -1 : Calculus of finite Difference
H.S. II Statistics Unit-2 : Random variable and Distribution.
H.S. II Statistics Unit-2: Theory of Probability
HS-II Statistics: Unit 3 Elementary Theory of Sampling and Test of Significance
HS-II BMST: Unit-1 Simple and Compound Interest
HS-II BMST: Unit- 2 Linear inequalities
HS-II BMST: Unit- 3 Set Theory
HS-II BMST: Unit- 3 Determinants
HS-II BMST: Unit- 3 Matrices
HS-II BMST: Unit - 4 Statistical Average Positional measures
HS-II BMST: Unit - 5 Measures of Dispersion (Variation)
HS-II BMST: Unit - 6 Correlation
B.Sc. 6th Sem Non-CBCS: Syllabus- Statistics