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Department of Commerce


With the establishment of Margherita College on 1st September 1978, having two streams of Arts and Commerce for +2 level (Pre-Degree) education under the Dibrugarh University, the Department of Commerce came up creating the single department stream of Commerce. From the academic session 1987 - 88, the B.Com Programme was introduced. Meanwhile, during 1991 - 92, the college introduced Major Course in Accountancy. The Department of Commerce of Margherita College is the pioneer in disseminating commerce education in this eastern-most corner of Assam. The Department has sustained in securing 80 - 100 percent result is Speciality Programme with host of 1st class every year and 75 - 85 percent in the General Programme at the degree final level and acquires the distinction of producing Best Graduate in the year 2007. The Commerce Stream has also attained 9th and 8th position in Higher Secondary Final examination 2018 and 2019 respectively conducted by Assam Higher Secondary Education Council. Among the best practices, the department organizes Field Surveys/Industry Visit Programme for the final year students to give practical bias to the teaching-learning exercise. At times, the department also organizes Entrepreneurship Motivation Programmes to boost entrepreneurship zeal among the youths. The Department maintains a library for its students and faculties and the present stock consists of more than 500 books. The Department floated a forum in the name and syyle of 'Margherita College Commerce Forum' in 2005 to undertake activities beyond the academic curricula like holding of seminar, workshop, symposium, awareness programme etc.

Farewell Video to Dr. Rana Bijoy Deb

Photo Gallery 

Educational Tour IIM Shillong Meghalaya 2012

Industrial Visit to District Industries & Commerce Centers Tinsukia December 2014

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B. Com. 6th Semester 2017 batch Pic-01 

Educational Tour to NEHU, Shillong, Meghalaya February 2018

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Plantation Programme October 2019

Tea Industry Visit November 2019

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Faculties of Commerce

Mr. Binod Kumar Agarwalla
  • Designation :Associate Professor
  • Date of Birth :01/01/1964
  • Date of Joining :28/08/1990
  • Qualification :M.Com.
  • Mobile :9957745128
  • Email
Mr. Dilip Kumar Chutia
  • Designation :Associate Professor
  • Date of Birth :01/04/1967
  • Date of Joining :05/02/1993
  • Qualification :M.Com.
  • Mobile :9101160877
  • Email
Mrs. Yemokhya Fakay
  • Designation :Assistant Professor
  • Date of Birth :30/10/1972
  • Date of Joining :26/11/2001
  • Qualification :M. Com., NET, M.Phil.
  • Mobile :9101891736
  • Email
Mr. Biraj Buragohain
  • Designation :Assistant Professor
  • Date of Birth :17/02/1982
  • Date of Joining :28/05/2012
  • Qualification :M.Sc. (Statistics), M.Phil.
  • Mobile :8473085294
  • Email
Ms. Chacha Singson
  • Designation :Assistant Professor
  • Date of Birth :11/10/1991
  • Date of Joining :18/11/2020
  • Qualification :M. Com. NET
  • Mobile :8840587330
  • Email

Events & Notices

Study Materials

Unit-1, Sales organisation

H.S II Year - Accounting for Partnership Firms
Cost Accounting
604 PRWK: Introduction

Video- PRWK Introduction Lecture 01 click for  PDF

Video- PRWK Introduction Lecture 02 click for  PDF

Video- PRWK Introduction Lecture 03 click for  PDF

Video- PRWK Introduction Lecture 04 click for  PDF

Video- PRWK Introduction Lecture 05 click for  PDF

604 PRWK: Data Collection
604 PRWK: Tools of Data Collection
604 PRWK: Data Processing
C409 Business Mathematics: Matrices and Determinants

Video- C409 Matrices 01 click for PDF 01

Video- C409 Matrices 02 click for PDF 02

Video- C409 Matrices 03 click for PDF 03

Video- C409 Matrices 04 click for PDF 04

Video- C409 Matrices 04 click for PDF 05

Video- C409 Matrices 04 click for PDF 06

Video- C409 Matrices 04 click for PDF 07


NCERT Textbook Class XII Matrices

Youtube channel tutorials: EduAid's Classrooms

Introduction to Matrices | Types of Matrices | Matrix Construction

Equality of Matrices || Operations of Matrices

Multiplication of Matrices

Transpose of A Matrix

Symmetric And Skew Symmetric Matrix 

Symmetric And Skew Symmetric Matrix | Solved Examples

Inverse Of A Matrix By Using Elementary Operations

Important Questions with Solutions | Matrices


Youtube channel tutorials: LearnoHub - Class 11, 12

Matrices Class 12


NCERT Textbook Class 12 Determinants

Youtube Channel tutorials: EduAid's Classroom

Youtube Channel tutorials: LearnoHub - Class 11, 12 

Determinants Class 12


C409 Business Mathematics: Calculus I
C409 Business Mathematics: Calculus II
C409 Business Mathematics: Mathematics of Finance
C409 Business Mathematics: Linear Programming
HS II Statistics: Calculus of Finite Difference
HS II Statistics: Elementary Theory of Sampling and Test of Significance
HS II Statistics: Sample Survey
HS II BMST: Statistical Average
HS II BMST: Measures of Dispersion
HS II BMST: Correlation
HS II BMST: Simple and Compound Interest